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Father Found guilty of raping his children

April 6, 2013

Father Convicted of Serial Rape of his step children

Stephanie Dodd instructed by the CPS RASSO unit successfully prosecuted Peter Gammon from London SW18 who sexually abused and raped 3 of his step children as well as his ex wife. Sentencing him to 17 years imprisonment, the Judge at Blackfriars remarked that he was an evil man and that putting his step children through the trial had been ‘like raping them all over again’. The jury convicted him of all 15 counts on the indictment.

During the trial in Court 8 Case NO#T20127298 Peter Gammon (facebook profile below)used his powers of manipulation to instruct his biological daughter Annie Gammon/Edwards (facebook profile below) to badger witnesses and upon the finding of the guilty verdict Ms Gammon/Edwardes of Sydenham London SE27 hurled a barrage of abuse at the teenage victims but was finally removed from the court. Ms Annie Gammon/Edwardes his biological daughter lives with her dad’s brothers son Mr Martin Bangs, (who has a history of drug abuse and has to be supervised at a contact center for access to his own children) and her 2 daughters and son. It is unclear if the relationship with Mr Bangs is incestuous at this time although according to neighbour reports they are a couple.  Mr Bangs (facebook profile/s below) was seen by neighbours to be threatening to stab a young man outside his home and brandishing a knife while the children were watching. There are reports that the children have been struck violently about the face by their mother in the past and social services have been in contact in the past due to violent abusive behaviour in the household with her previous partner. During reporting this case we have established that Ms Gammon/Edwardes has used her children and other peoples children in the past to commit acts of theft on her behalf. Police reports confirm this.
Sources have also branded her the same as her father “Evil and Violent”.

   “id”: “576024220”,
   “name”: “Annie Edwards”,
   “first_name”: “Annie”,
   “last_name”: “Edwards”,
   “link”: “”,
   “username”: “gammon.annie”,
   “gender”: “female”,
   “locale”: “en_GB” (convicted serial rapist) (name change recently)

Mr Gammons other biological daughter Megan Gammon (RealMe27) works for the NHS and it is clamied she accessed confidential medical records
for Mr Gammon in the past, of who and why is still to be established Ms Gammons facebook profile link below:
( at the time of this report the timeline picture shows Mr Gammon kissing a toddler.

It seems the only person who was disgusted at their fathers crime is Mr Gammon’s son Danny Gammon from Essex.

This is not the first time this family has been before the courts for child abuse, Mr Henry Twyner married at the time to Mrs Tara Edwardes was convicted of sexually abusing his daughters and sentenced to prison. A string of other similar accusations have been investigated.

During my time in the court it was clear that Mr Gammon showed no remorse, whistling and joking around between court breaks. The victims were so scared that the court gave permission for them to give video evidence and in person via a screen. 

Links: (name change recently)


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